Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kontroljet w/ SARANA & Jeritan

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Track Lists
01 Kontroljet x SARANA x Jeritan – Indonesian Soundscape
02 Kontroljet x SARANA – KISAS
03 Kontroljet x Jeritan – Deskripsi Alam Liar Yang Mengerikan

A collaboration project by Kontroljet (Pandu Hidayat, Jakarta/Yogjakarta - Java), SARANA (Annisa, Istanara and Sabrina, noise artists from Samarinda, Kalimantan) and Jeritan (Faturrahman Alifadzri Arham, noise artist from Samarinda, Kalimantan).

Released June 2, 2018
By Data Imp. [DI08]

All track by Kontroljet/SARANA/Jeritan
Track 1 Originally by Pandu Hidayat 2007-2008. Mixed by Kontroljet/SARANA/Jeritan 2015-2016
Track 2 Produced, Recorded, Mixed by Kontroljet and SARANA, 2015-2016
Track 3 Originally by Kontroljet, 2015. Modified version by Jeritan 2015
Artwork by Faturrahman Alifadzri Arham

Kontroljet is Pandu Hidayat (CONTROL-Z, 2008-2014)

SARANA is an experimental dark ambient group based in Samarinda, Indonesia. Consist of Annisa, Istanara and Sabrina. SARANA will give you a new perspective of everything through their sound.

Jeritan is an experimental noise project from Samarinda, East Borneo Indonesia. Started the project in 2014 make the experimental sound with electronic stylenwhich drawing influences from everything with emotions, harsh and dark.

Kontroljet #45