Tuesday, June 30, 2015


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01. Black Umbra - Asylum 04:12
02. Citadel Swamp - When the Sun Folds 03:37
03. Embers Below Zero - Strange Lights 03:40
04. Red Abizianas - Ohm Society 03:04
05. Kontroljet - Phantasm 05:00
08. Mrs. Watanabe - AUM001 05:03
07. KTRHSS - Pessimum 06:38 
08. SASKA RR - Edgu Tangri 04:40
09. Osaati Vare - The Octave Passenger 09:47
10. Problem Anderer Leute - Scanner 07:43
11. Wrist Clutch Exploder - Obedience 10:17
12. Skolyozlar - Nagazaki Kaymak Günlügü 03:11
13. Spacetimesecrets - And The Seven Angels Which Had The Seven Trumpets Prepared Themselves To Sound 09:55
is the second compilation of Bulgarian  DIY label Kontingent Records. Ambient/Noise/Drone/Experimental artists from Germany, Japan, Canada, UK, Indonesia, Poland and across globe.

Releasedate: 30 June 2015
This compilation will be available for free download. However you can support Kontingent Records via free donation/paid download for all our stuff. All funds go to future physical releases (CD-R and tapes).

All tracks have been submitted by artists. All right belong to the respective owners of the musical and visual material.

Cover artwork: Ivan Shentov
Cover images taken from Rauber Lehrbuch der Anatomie des Menschen, 1898 Verlag von Arthur Georgi, Leipzig.

Kontroljet - Phantasm
"Phantasm" is a composition for diy shacker-box, cutting object(s), string and sample(s) manipulation. Composed, performed, recorded/re-recorded and mixed by Kontroljet.

Kontroljet is Pandu Hidayat from Java, Indonesia. This project based on electroacoustic, experimental noise, death-cinematic. Focussed on the art of improvisation and fun with live processing. The execution process of this mission is done in a radical and in a bit extreme way. For instance, is by applying "Free-Association-Writting" technique as an experimental action. This technique is manifested on almost every fragment(s) that has been recorded successfully. Kontroljet is also known as CONTROL-Z (active:2008-2014).
Kontroljet's Catalog #035

"Now that this part is out of the way we can hear a track done by Kontroljet. It’s still atmospheric (mind you!) but comes across as more experimental, as if it’s painted with a palette of recorded sounds and now comes to live through audio art. There are dirty squeeze sounds, thick warm fluff in the back, mystery sounds.. Perhaps a boiling kettle.. It can be anything really; but the all-round atmosphere is kind of shimmery. It suits a scene in which you can listen with the curtains closed for intimacy.." - Yeah I Know It Sucks