Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Interviews

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Jaan Patterson & Friends - The Interviews
Jaan Patterson & Friends – The Interviews
Released 18. April 2015 by suRRism-Phonoethics (sPE_0200)

Exquisite Corpse Cover A (1, 2 ,3) by:
Cover B Painting by Bernard Dumaine

This compilation is based on cut-up samples that had been arranged by Jaan Patterson. Taken from Interviews of the following humans: Anthony DonovanFrancis BaconFrank ZappaGeorges BatailleGilles DeleuzeJean CocteauMarcel DuchampNoam ChomskyPaul ÉluardWilliam S. Burroughs.
Artists included, alphabetical order:
(*on the compilations Artists appear in random order.)

A.H. Fork, AG Davis, {AN} EeL, Anal Sadist, Anthony Donovan, Anthony Osborne, Antonio de Braga, Arco Enarmonico, Ars Sonor, Arsenic Strychnine, Bernard Dumaine, Berthelot, Breathing Space, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Candlegravity, Chris Silver T, Crank Sturgeon, datewithdeath, Der Domestizierte Mensch, Dixie Treichel, Dongle Doc, Fake Cats Project, GX Jupitter-Larsen, HaiiYuuko, Hopek Quirin, Igor Amokian, Immy Smith, The Implicit Order, ION, J. A. P., Janelle McKain, Jared Balogh, Jeanette Luchese, Jim Sebor, Jochen Arbeit, Joseph Szymkowiak, Juan Angel Italiano, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Kontroljet, Lee Kwo, Leif Elggren, Lezet, Ludo Mich & Koen Boyden, Mann Racket, Marisa Wildwood & Gabe Moon, Mauro Sambo, Miquel Parera, Mr E, mutanT.R.I., Odor Baby, Osvaldo Cibils, Philippe Petit, Qkcofse, Ronny Wærnes, Ruela, Seiei Jack, Simon Mathewson, Sound Voice, Subversive Intentions, suRRism, Teleg., Thomas Havlik, Ton Haring, Union Furnace, Uwe Moellhusen, Viirgiile, Vladimir Hirsch, William Davison.

Thanks to ALL collaborators as well to the Free Music Archive, WFMU, The Internet Archive & In Memory of John Peel Show (Zaph Mann).

*The random order was simply approached by setting 1 list of the tracks in alphabetical order, then incrementally adding from this list 1, one by one to the 3 volumes lists.

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Kontroljet - The Interviews
Jaan Patterson & Friends - The Interviews
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