Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We Are TRASH And So Can You | VA

TRASHFUCK Records presents: We Are TRASH And So Can You
95Artists (140 Tracks) Exclusive contributors from all over the world
2011 TRASHFUCK Records [TFRPROMO11] Art Design by 1983
Single: Kontroljet Manifesto Mix

We Are TRASH And So Can You
Various Artists Presented by TRASHFUCK Records, USA.
94 (140tracks) Exclusive contributors from all over the world:

Pollux, Scientific Sunshine, Chris Toast, dngl, Faction Disaster, Bye-Product, Stiverson, Swin Deorin, A Beautiful Lotus, Dental Work, RedSK, Zebra Mu, Jason "EVIL" Covelli, IZFERNOR, I Killed Techno!, hlo, Lady Cumdumpster, Magics Marker, Playing With Nuns, Sakura Pups, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Slopington Heights & Adam Zivojnovich, The Circulatory System, Video Nasty, Alcholic Cindy, La Bruha Desi La, Faction Disaster, BALOGH, OhmegaSir, Dino Felipe, endometrium cuntplow, Flat Affect, Graffiti Mechanism, Crochetcatpause, Mists Of Poveglia, Indonesian Punx, Theater Of The Haunted Eyelid, Igor Amokian, Dingle, Halluciphile, Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot, Hardon Collider, DJ Blast Key Does Say Mixcola! & To Die, Trans Atlantic Rage, Scared Of Spiders, Arseterror, Syphilis Sauna, Khrysalis, DJ Scratchin', Little Mack, tooth_eye.

3bc & Dau De Noize, Born A Bastard, CONTROL-Z, Halluciphile, I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua, Circuit Damage, Playing With Nuns, Onion Juice Sores, Somthing Acid?, Yo Cats, Zeron Unit, Spacefeces, PROJEKT666:SATANOISE, Pollux, RedSK, Sakura Pups, Army Of 2600, Amiotrofia, Henglìkùpòliyaer, endometrium cuntplow, devin.jpeg, Chris Toast, Carving Jennifer, Bitch Daddy, Abrokentomorrow, Alfred Turner, DEAD PICABIA, Flat Affect, Joby, Tardhole Bungwipe, To-Bo, Totally Pissed Off, Hardon Collider, I Hate Today, Ganglion Cyst, Mitä?, Unphegeetoh, Personal:Killing:Agenda, I Killed Techno!, Amiotrofia, Patrick Wenzel, Predysipe, Proud Father, Marax & Bedawang, Froze.Hatech., Massive Junk, Problem Anderer Leute, Sperm Swallower, Satan's Dah-Doo-Doo, Vonal-Ksz, Unholy Analog Noisemachine, RECTAL LASAGNA, Consistency Nature.

Catalog #009

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