Friday, June 24, 2011

N.F.T.G (VA)

..from little, we got idea to make compilation album. It was simple, no too much expectation for popularity or money. We just want to get out from that we had collected what we have done and brought that for you. We have been existed or we drunk together in the same glass and we unite in Green Apartment for our movement. We believe just not fuckin alcohol and sweet marijuana we walked in the same way but we have a great spirit for being existed.
For all of you bought this album and felt sick to heard that fuckin sound we said congratulation. That our destination to make it (..i’m sorry I forgot to write from beggining). Before 30, before the sun had passed away and present tomorrow too early, before we becoming older and trapped in the old opinion, we want to burn all of you and blame for struggling DIY movement. Enjoy with us and make the damn sound..(GA Prologue, 2008)
Noise For The Government
Various Artist Presented by Green Apartment Records
12 Exclusive contributors from France, US, Malta and Indonesia
A compilation album, limited to 100 copies (CD)

Single: CONTROL-Z - Kill The Pattern

Catalog #001